Xarzith Gix


Named The “Ice Claw” in Draconic, this is a revered sword of the Iceclaw Family. Forged by Glorisareth Iceclaw the Glorious (first of his name), for his son, Glorisareth II, it has long been a weapon passed from father to firstborn son in the Iceclaw Family.

This tradition continued until Rufuserath Iceclaw, a fire-elemental dragonborn was born to Gloriserath Iceclaw III. In shame of his true firstborn son, Glorisareth III named his second son Gloriserath Iceclaw IV and outwardly denied having any previous children. Xarzith Gix was awarded to the secondborn son, with whom it remained until Rufusareth stole it.

Always staying at a maximum of a cold 30 degrees fahrenheit, Xarzith Gix decreases to 10 degrees fahrenheit in battle, 0 degrees and glowing blue once it has drawn blood, and a burningly cold -30 degrees fahrenheit when used with the ability: Frigid Blade.

Xarzith Gix

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