Hydrin Vascaloni

Noble Dragon of Waves


In his natural form, Hydrin is a tremendous dragon with sapphire-blue skin. While in human form, he prefers to take the appearance of a tall, muscular, somewhat graying man.

During the development of the Synthi by the Vascalonian Elves, Hydrin voted along with Pyranus and Cyprax to use the Synthi for the Vascalonian military as well as for general servitude. The Synthi military granted Vascalon a significant advantage against other kingdoms, but during the Synthi Revolution, Vascalon was severely crippled. Hydrin voted with Agris to defend the kingdom from their created people, but the motion failed.

During the Gnashing of Steel, Hydrin departed the mortal realm, seeking isolation in the Astral Sea, where he believed he would be protected from Vanadus’ rampage. To guard his realm, Hydrin created a Water Elemental out of the ocean near his realm.

Hydrin was entrusted with the Wave Key, one of the four World Keys. As a show of good faith, Hydrin lent the key to Theren Nethertongue, hoping he would use it to summon him when the party’s quest had been completed.

Hydrin Vascaloni

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