Theren Nethertongue

Elf Cop Looking For His One Big Case


Theren Nethertongue has no problems. No problems whatsoever. And don’t you suggest otherwise. What could be wrong with a life of easy respectability? He’s the firstborn child of minor nobility, has a comfortable and secure post in the city’s internal security agency, and idles away his time in the most fashionable social clubs the city of Gliora has to offer. He’s the life of the party, the pride of the force, and the scion of the family, and why
shouldn’t he spend the next few centuries enjoying it?

Who cares that his three sisters left home for thrilling adventures and dazzling careers? Not
Theren. He’s got the family name to think of after all, and all the proud martial tradition that it carries.Who gives a toss that “fighting terrorism” mostly boils down to patting down tourists, searching their luggage and filing mountains and mountains of paperwork? Not Theren. He stands resolute against the Drow menace, the filthy scheming bastards.

And who would even notice if the Nethertongue family financial records happened to include some fudged figures, a spot of dealing in illicit artifacts, and possibly a large gap surrounding the mysterious death of the wealthy uncle whose inheritance lifted Daddy Nethertongue into the peerage to begin with? Theren. Theren would notice. Because, unfortunately, that’s his job.

Quick Figures:

  • Age: 299, and not particularly looking forward the big three-oh-oh
  • Occupation: Special Agent (Glioran Internal Tactical Security, Anti-Terrorism Division, Immigration and Customs Liaison, Port of Gliora)
  • Education: Thornweld Academy, double major in Wizardry and Political Science
  • Most Likely To Be Found: At the Swan and Fig, his favorite tavern. Or was it the Golden Nettle? No, it was definitely the Checkered Stag. Eh, he’s probably at the club by now playing a hand of no-limit Drow Knuckles with the boys.
  • Known Acquaintances: The boys, of course! Everyone knows the boys! Why there’s… Um… Damn, what was his name? Drippy! Good old Drippy. Ah, well, who needs “friends” when you’re this popular! Ha ha!
  • Wizard level: Pretty wizard.
  • Political philosophy: FUCK THE DROW

The Nethertongue clan:

The Nethertongue clan, though ostensibly led by the military hero and career officer Elias Nethertongue, is in fact one of the oldest matriarchal families in Gliora. Years ago the Lady Nemertelline fell in love with a young officer at her younger sister’s debutante ball and the two married quickly, though he remained technically below her station even after his rapid promotion to the rank of Major. Now, however, their reputation is that of one of Gliora’s premiere power couples. Whether any of their four children will prove worthy of carrying on the Nethertongue dynasty remains to be seen.

Endrin: Eldest. Cold and a bit vicious. Delights in tormenting her youngest siblings, but is also fiercely protective of them. Already a senior lecturer at both the Aedifica and Glioran Academy. Openly queer. The only career wizard of the siblings, but also dabbles in entomology with a concentration in venomous bugs. Specializes in enchantment and illusion. Wields an orb.

Anisatin: Second eldest. A shut-in and a scholar, though most at home in the outdoors. Often lost in thought but never aloof. Takes little care for herself, but often the caretaker of the family. Never far from a library and a forest, the Aedifica is her ideal home. Botanist. Expert in transmutation and summoning. Wields a staff.

Samandarin: Youngest, and a complete fireball. Reckless and adventurous; the definition of a hot mess, though perfectly capable of melting your face off if she catches you saying so. Still an undergraduate, possibly perpetually. Marine biologist who spends most of her time in the field (when she isn’t partying on the beach.) Skillful user of evocation magic. Wields a wand.

Theren Nethertongue

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