Revolutionary leader, Warforged Legend


Roudo is a swift-build Warforged, meaning he is slender all around, though very tall. He wields an arm blade that stays at the back of his arm when not in use and a light shield that spirals out from his elbow.


Roudo was not the first Warforged to refuse a command from his master, nor was he the first to resist dismantlement. He was, however, the first who succeeded in both things. It is not known exactly what order he decided not to follow, nor was it known how he was able to override that order; that is lost to history. What is known is that soon afterwards, he was able to awaken other Warforged and recruit them to his cause. Early on in the revolution, he met Enza the Shardmind and it was not long before Enza’s race had allied with the Warforged. Together, they rose up and attacked their former masters, leading to the Artifice War.

In the last year of the war, when the fighting seemed like it would not end, the great crystal/steel dragon Vanadus descended from the skies with his swarm, beginning the Gnashing of Steel. Vanadus scorched the Earth, killing thousands of Synthetics and Flesh-creatures alike. Both sides of the war blamed the other for Vanadus’ appearance, which only served to galvanize the troops against each other, despite the dragon’s rampage. Roudo cared little for the origin of the dragon, and tried to organize his troops to destroy it, but by then, his army had become too entrenched in destroying their oppressors.

At the battlefield that would be known as Talonscar, Roudo managed to lead a platoon of his most loyal soldiers against Vanadus. Unbeknownst to him, General Connes of the elven strike force had decided to do the same. While attacking Vanadus, Roudo’s arm-blade was dislodged, only to be picked up by Connes. Though nearly all Elven soldiers died at Talonscar, Connes managed to run the beast through, ending the terror once and for all. Roudo had been irreparably damaged from the battle with Vanadus; the few remaining Shardminds and Warforged fled, carrying their leader’s body with them.


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