Nexus VII

Metal Man with a Mission


Nexus VII is a solidly-build Warforged, taller and broader than most other models. He has wide eyes and a blank expression that might put some off, but others may see as a natural curiosity. He is covered in thick, plate armor built directly into his system and wields a khopesh and shield. The khopesh folds into his right forearm when not in use, and the shield folds into the left. Beneath the plate, there is an indentation in his chest piece that a small metal cube fits perfectly into.



He awoke knowing only that he had a mission.

He wasn’t quite sure what it was yet, but he was absolutely sure that he had one.

His second thought was that the world seemed very small. And it was fairly boring, too, except for a slowly blinking light. So, as it seemed the only thing to do, he pressed it.

With a click and a hisssss, the world opened. A harsh light hit his eyes, and after his ocular adjustment program activated, softening the light to a manageable glow, he saw that his second thought had been wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Tabula Rasa

He stepped out from his first world into the real one, stumbling at first on newly activated legs. Turning slowly, he took in this new environment. It seemed he was in the bottom of a scorched crater, created by what he first mistook as the world and what he now saw was a pod of sorts.

“I need a name,” he rasped, startling himself with the realization that he could speak. He decided to search the pod, which he was coming to think was uniquely his. Pushing the door to the pod further up, he peered into the alcove he awoke in. Above where his head must have rested was carved, “NEXUS VII.” “Nexus…v…i…i…” he said to himself. V, I, I. Seven? Was it seven? He wasn’t sure how he came up with it, but he wondered aloud, “Nexus seven…”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, a metallic cube popped out from above the writing. He caught it and saw that there were several buttons and designs. As he looked over it, feeling its contours and textures, his fingers pushed one of the buttons.

With a tiny click, the cube began to float until it was directly in front of his face. It rotated until what apparently was the right side was facing him, as it popped open and out shot a beam of light that hit him square in the forehead.

His head shot up, light pouring from his eyes and mouth as his arms flung out and his legs went stiff. Information began cascading through his mind at an alarming rate. How to wield a sword, how to move in battle, how to defend allies, what a Warforged was, the fact that he was one, how to activate various programs and systems, and dozens more lessons flowed through the cube into him, almost too fast to grasp, until suddenly, it stopped with one simple fact.

His name was Nexus VII, and he had to find the Key.

The Mission

Nexus VII

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