Whimsical Tiefling, First Son of Perinus


The only male of his Generation, Atilthe was raised to believe it was his duty to sleep with every woman he meets.

Living a sheltered life to preserve his race’s chance to repopulate, Atilthe fled from home only to have experienced a sudden culture shock upon realizing that no longer did everyone want to sleep with him, and no longer was he remotely special. His youth was spent studying and reading, never doing anything overly dangerous or physically challenging, and all he ever wanted came too easily to ever learn actual human empathy.

Inexperienced in the world, he has learned to get by on simple tactics of manipulation, often revealing a ‘secret,’ something that sounds deeply personal but isn’t, just to gain another’s trust. He has no intuitive understanding of others, relying entirely on physical cues, body language mimicry, and a self-taught guess-and-check method of leading conversations where he wants them to go.

Sheltered all his life he fled home in his late teens when a human male named Bleda visited Perinus and quickly befriended Atilthe. Excited to have male camaraderie for the first time in his life, he readily let Bleda stay, against the wishes of the women of the city. As they grew closer, Bleda convinced Atilthe to leave Perinus, and that night they snuck out and fled to a human city. Before leaving, Atilthe left a note explaining that he was leaving to see the world, with a vague promise to come back again someday. Upon reaching a safe distance from Perinus, Bleda betrayed Atilthe, tying up his wrists in his sleep so he could ransom Atilthe back to the women of Perinus. After 3 days of waiting, they heard back from Perinus. They did not meet Bleda’s demands, assuming that the pair were in cahoots and that Atilthe also wanted the money and intended to skip town and live life away from Perinus. That night as Bleda slept, trying to devise a new plan, Atilthe, thinned from 3 days’ dehydration and armed with a theoretical knowledge of knots from years of extensive study, slipped his constraints. He tied Bleda in the same knot, took his short sword, and made him explain who truly was. Bleda begged for his life. Atilthe used his sword to employ an execution method he’d once read called the Blood Eagle, opening his back, breaking Bleda’s ribs and pulling his lungs from behind while Bleda drowned in his own bleeding chest cavity. From then on, Atilthe was an outcast from Perinus and spent years as a drifter, never fully trusting in male companions again, and only feeling his true self in the company of women. He does anything he can to avoid flat-out violence, preferring to get his way through wits and charm.

His lack of human connection makes lying just as easy as the truth. He has no moral affiliation and has no regard for any law but those of his own whim. He spends his days trying to find a way to end the Curse of the Queen, traveling around libraries and public record houses, and creating false identities to befriend various public officials around the world, hoping that finding an end to the Curse will let him finally go home.

When pushed, he will occasionally revert to his torturous tendencies, usually to men who have victimized women. He has acquired a bit of a reputation as a masked vigilante. Finding multiple identities useful, he often incorporates this character into his bard’s tales.


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