Ari Hase

Sticky Fingered Rabbit-Man


Brown hair
White hair in snow (adaptation)
Long hair in human form and always has long rabbit ears. unless he concentrates to get rid of them.

He has leather boots which reach his Knees. He wares leather armor and caries a thin two-handed sword on his back. He caries many concealed knives and some not concealed. He can turn into a small bunny at will as well as partial transformation. Ari usually covers his face with a scarf. He wares a dark cloak over his armor which helps Ari fade into the shadows.

Ari Hates carrots. Stop feeding me carrots.


The party was all gathered. There was a spoiled son of an elf noble, the ugliest tiefling the worlds ever seen, an intimidating looking dragon-born, and some members of the local authorities. Nobody paid much attention to long haired leatherworker with the thin beard, seated in the corner. He was by no means a large man, nor was he noticeably small. He was perfectly uninteresting just as his master had taught him a good assassin should be. He sat there, in the candlelight perfectly still, like a small animal that isn’t sure if its been noticed, watching, listening, learning all he can about his temporary new allies.

Ari is a Hengeyokai. Unbeknownst to Ari His mother was a fay creature, an incarnation of the goddess of life. His father was a lowly human mage, insignificant in the pages of history. Raised by a Drow master assassin who was charged with raising Ari by his mother as punishment for his crimes and killing Ari’s father.

Ari’s earliest memory is of a dark forest and learning the ways of an assassin. Diligently practing and honing his skills every day he has learned to be self sufficient and streetwise, relying only on himself. During his life he learned many trade and skills and held many jobs: messenger, military scout, scribe, traveling performer, and eventually leatherworker. Ari does what he needs to survive. Deep down he has a pure heart and an idealistic view on life. On the surface however, he is outwardly apathetic and removed. He hides behind his fake persona to protect himself from the harsh world around him.

Ari Hase

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